What is Custom Metal Fabrication?

What is custom metal fabrication?

Custom metal fabrication is the design and fabrication of metal elements that are usually used to embellish, hide or enhance features of a building or of the custom metal artwork itself.

What are the benefits and advantages of custom metal fabrication?

The main benefit and advantage of Custom metal fabrication is that you can fabricate whatever you want as long as your imagination can think of it and the laws of physics agree with you.

What are the steps in the metal fabrication process?

First step is design and it is the most important part, here is where you can make something as opposed to having something impossible to execute. The design must be something that is within the fabrication budget, accomplishes its task and can physically be built. Once the design has been decided upon, it is time to take it to the metal workers and bring the design to fruition. Once it has been built, it is sanded to get rid of any blemishes and to be taken to the paint booth. After that it is ready to be installed.

What are the metals used in fabrication?

Usually the most common metal used in metal fabrication is Aluminium due to it’s light weight, its ease of use, and its availability and cost. Steel is also used but it is heavier and requires more specialized work.

What are the industries that used metal fabricated products?

Metal fabricated products are prevalent in the Hospitality Industry and in the Commercial Construction industry.

When does it make sense to invest in custom metal fabrication?

The reason for metal fabricated elements is to enhance the look of a property, to make an artistic statement or to hide aspects of a building that may hurt its curb appeal.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a custom metal fabrication company/shop?

Make sure that the company is willing to listen and offer solutions to the situation and to guide the client through the process in order to best execute the project. A company that is committed to excellence, workmanship and customer service.

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