Importance of Ordering Signage Ahead of Time

Signs let potential customers know your location and specialty, and they often have a huge impact on your revenue stream. For business owners, your sign is frequently the first thing new customers see, and it is solely responsible for providing a positive first impression of your company. Since your business sign plays such a critical role in promoting your success, that sign needs to be great. But how long does it take to actually make your sign? There are different types of exterior and interior signs, all of which have particular fabrication processes. The different fabrication methods and materials required bring different timelines that can vary in length. The length of your signage project can be affected by a number of different factors. Like the size of the sign or the level of customization required. Custom designs take time to fabricate, and planning is the key to producing attractive, quality signs and creating a worthwhile experience. Signage projects require considerable investment, so it is important to get it right. You and your sign company will go through a process that includes consultation, designing concepts and mockups, obtaining a permit, sign manufacturing and installation. Because of this, the process might take a bit longer, but it will all be worth it when you finally get to see your high-quality professional sign. The finished product must not only complement your existing branding and business environment, but also stand out and catch the eyes of your customers.

One of the first steps to success that a new business needs to take is posting a sign to tell the world they are open. However, what appears to be a simple process generally requires considerable planning–not only in the design of the sign itself, but also in obtaining a permit to install the sign in the first place. A sign permit is required for most types of business signs that can be seen from the exterior and interior of a commercial premise. Obtaining a sign permit can be time-consuming and complicated. A lot of business owners think that just because they have a sign doesn’t mean they can put it up wherever they want. This is not the case. In most areas, there are strict laws about where signage can be placed. You must have a permit prior to the installation of signs, or it is an offence that is subject to fines and penalties.  Quality control is built into every step in the fabrication and assembly processes for your sign project. The city wants to make sure any signs created and installed are the right size for the sign code, wired and installed correctly, and capable of safely weathering severe and inclement weather.

It’s no secret that well-executed business signage can make or break your company. But what happens when you don’t have the time to get it right? You could end up with a sign that doesn’t reflect your brand, is difficult to read, or worse, clashes with your building’s construction! You’ve seen all the horror stories of businesses that waited too long to get their signage done, and it was a disaster! The fonts were wrong, the colors clashed, and it just looked terrible. Avoid all that by getting your signage early. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to make sure everything is perfect and avoid any costly mistakes. Building signs should not be last on your list when it comes time to build your new home or office space. They need to at least come up with an idea first. Take a little extra time and get a sign that really sets you apart from your competition and grabs the attention of your customers.

Now that you know that most businesses require a permit or two for their outdoor and interior signage— channel letters, monument signs, ADA signs and many more—you should also realize that waiting until the last moment can be a major setback. Getting your signage early should be a part of the business plan and budget. If you plan on opening a business, do not wait to start the process. Get your business signage from us today and you’ll be sure to get high-quality, affordable signs that will help your business stand out from the competition. We’ll work with you to make sure that your signage is perfect before it goes up! Contact us at ACU Signs now! We’re here to help.

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