Does your signage need to be freshened up?

Is it worn, faded, missing letters, or has your company’s branding changed, and your sign is no longer promoting your business or message?

It’s important to consider what your storefront sign says about your company. The physical condition of your storefront sign goes a long way in delivering an impression of your brand. Exterior signs may fade or get damaged over time due to weather, temperature, sun rays,  etc.  You can’t keep your old business signs up for years since they will rust or get damaged, and they’ll reflect poorly on your company. All signs need updating from time to time, perhaps because they’re no longer functional, attractive, or a good fit for your brand. Once your business decides on new colours, logos, fonts, or any other change, it’s important to update your signage. A compelling design with a proper logo, theme, colour, and font that match your brand will help to establish your business with new customers and clients. Choosing to refurbish your business signage can pay significant dividends in the long-run for your business.

Why refurbish your existing business signs? Because it will look more professional and up-to-date, which will make your business stand out from your competitors! Refurbishing your sign can improve the image and perception of your business. Do not be left behind as other companies are boosting the visibility of their business establishments. By refurbishing your sign, you’ll be sure to grab the attention of new customers. Signs are the face of your business, and as a direct symbol of your company, you must maintain them in excellent condition. Otherwise, it may reflect poorly on your company. You want them to be as effective as possible. They should help you get more business, not lose any. You may not think about it, but if your signs don’t look good, people will think your business isn’t worth going to. Customers who see ragged or old-looking signs may question the quality of your company’s products or services; they may even believe that your company has gone out of business.

To draw more people to your business, you’ll want to update your outdoor signage so it’s more eye-catching. By investing in well-designed, well-made signage and maintaining it in excellent condition, you can guarantee that your company makes a strong first impression while also positioning itself for future success. Take a good look at your business signage. Is it doing what you want it to? If your sign doesn’t stand out enough, chances are that it’s outdated and it’s time to get a new one! Whether your sign displays an outdated logo, incorrect information, or could benefit from new or brighter illumination, repairs, or retrofits, ACU Signs can help you refurbish your sign using the latest trends to leave you with a fresh modern look.

Whatever the reason of an old, broken, or ugly sign, our professionals can quickly make an assessment and provide you with a free estimate for its replacement. Let us evaluate your current sign and make suggestions for a makeover. We can design and fabricate signs based on your specific requirements, designs, and branding, and we will make sure to create the right impact.

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