The Collins Park Garage – A Showcase of Innovative Architecture and Signage Design

Miami Beach, Florida is known for its vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches, and iconic architecture. Among the many landmarks in the city is the Collins Park Garage, a multi-story parking garage located in the heart of the Collins Park neighborhood. Designed by the late Zaha Hadid, the garage is a stunning example of modern architecture and boasts a range of innovative design features, including a state-of-the-art signage system that was added almost 9 years after its opening.
The Collins Park Garage features a sweeping, futuristic design that blends seamlessly with the surrounding urban landscape. The garage has nine stories and a total of 334 parking spaces. In addition to its primary function as a parking garage, the building also houses retail space on its ground floor. The garage’s striking design has made it a popular spot for photography and has become a must-visit destination for architecture enthusiasts visiting Miami Beach.

While the garage’s design is impressive on its own, it’s the signage system that was added to the building that truly sets it apart. In 2019, a general contractor approached ACU Signs, a premier signage fabrication company, to work on a project involving the fabrication and installation of 302 open-face channel letters onto the back of aluminum perforated panels that would wrap around the building.

The letters were to be mounted on the back of the panels, with some of the letters illuminated with warm white, red, and green lights. Additionally, circles made with green and red lights were to include a feature that would alternate from green to red respectively showing the level of occupation of the garage. The open-face channel letters had the backs perforated as well to allow for light to pass through, creating a beautiful and dynamic lighting effect.

The fabrication of the letters was a challenging project that required precision and attention to detail. Each letter had to be carefully measured, cut, and welded to ensure that it fits perfectly onto the perforated panels. The illuminated letters required special wiring and power supplies to ensure that the lighting was consistent and bright and compatible with the open-air and close proximity to ocean waters and its harsh elements.

Despite the challenges, the team at ACU Signs was able to deliver a flawless signage system that beautifully complements the Collins Park Garage’s futuristic design. The signage system not only adds to the garage’s aesthetic appeal but also serves an important functional purpose by helping drivers locate the garage and providing a clear indication of its occupancy level.

In conclusion, the Collins Park Garage in Miami Beach is an excellent example of innovative architecture and signage design. The garage’s unique design has become an iconic landmark in the city, and the addition of the open-face channel letters has only added to its appeal. ACU Signs’ expert fabrication of the signage system has created a dynamic and functional work of art that enhances the garage’s beauty and functionality.

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