The Benefits of Neon Signs For Your Business

What is a “Neon Sign”? Neon signs are electric signs that are illuminated by long gas-discharge tubes containing rarefied neon or other gases. Neon was discovered by the British chemists William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers. It was immediately recognized as a new element by its unique glow when electrically stimulated.

In 1910, French engineer Georges Claude perfected the neon lamp, and he displayed his neon-lit tubes at the Paris Motor Show at the Grand Palais in France. Though Claude wanted to use neon in glass tubes for indoor lighting, the brilliant color of the lights made them a tough sell. So instead, in 1912, he turned his neon tubes into advertising lights. This time, he found success. He first sold his neon lights to a barbershop, and by 1919, his neon signs illuminated the Paris Opera. People were drawn in by the exhibition, and this unique visual impact swiftly spread to other countries. By the 1950s, business demand for neon signage had skyrocketed.

One of the biggest factors that affect a business’s success is visibility! Neon signs are particularly useful for new businesses trying to announce their presence. It makes the sign very attractive and prominent. If you ever take a nighttime stroll around the city, you may notice how many buildings have shimmering, almost luminous signage. These are neon signs, and if you see them before all others, you already know one of the key advantages of this kind of advertising. Neon signs draw attention to your company, helping consumers discover you even on crowded or dark streets. Whether you are driving at night looking for dessert after dinner, walking down the street and craving some late-night grub, or wondering if a certain shop is open, a neon sign can be the thing that grabs your eye’s attention. This is because when it’s dark, the human eye is naturally attracted toward luminous objects.

Will neon signs be good for your business? If you are on the fence about neon signage, then the following reasons should convince you of its benefits.

High Visibility.  Neon is bright, catchy, and will get people looking twice, which is exactly what you need in order to capture attention. Effective signage outside your workplace is another way of advertising who you are, and where you are. This type of sign will grab the customers’ attention, letting them know that you’re open and ready to attend to their needs.

Highly customizable. They’re available in nearly any size, shape, and color; that way, you can design them to fit your business. It also provides your interior with a fantastic and stunning look, making it ten times more appealing. With their retro appearance, emitting a cool vibe no matter what space they’re in, neon signs are a statement piece that really make an impact.

Nighttime functionality. Colors are inherently appealing to our eyes, particularly in the dark. Neon lights make it easy for customers to not just spot your store but also to remember where it is. This is because when it’s dark, the human eye is naturally attracted toward luminous objects.

Continuous advertising. Does your business shut down at 5 in the afternoon on weekdays? Or do you stay open late and on weekends? Neon signs can work for your business day and night, seven days a week.

If you are in the process of opening a new business or are just looking to spruce up the look of your existing one, neon signs might be something worth considering. At ACU Signs, we’re dedicated to creating quality custom neon signage of all types. Call us now and talk to our experts and get help figuring out the best neon sign design for your business’s goals, aesthetic, and budget.

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