Custom Signs

We have the expertise and premium sign supplies to ensure the production of top-quality and highly effective business signs. As a custom sign company, we can take care of all your corporate signage needs.

Channel Letters

The outline of a letter, with extended sidewalls that creates depth. These 3D signs are custom-made metal or plastic letters commonly used in exterior signage on public and commercial buildings, and often internally illuminated. Front Lit Channel Letters / Reverse Lit Channel Letters / Reverse Lit Channel Letters with Acrylic Push Thru / Open Face Channel Letters / Custom 3" Deep Acrylic Illuminated Letters

Flat Cut Out Letters

Dimensional solid letters or shapes that can be cut from acrylic or metal. Also called FCO (flat cut out) letters, this sign type is often used for way finding and other room identification purposes. Aluminum FCO Letters / Acrylic FCO Letters.

Neon Signs

Manufactured into shapes that form letters, parts of letters, skeleton tubing, outline lighting, and other decorative elements or art forms, in various colors and diameters. Used also for Open Face Channel Letters, that has no face and in which the neon tubing is visible. Sometimes a clear face for physical protection of internal components may be used. Open Face Channel Letters / Custom Neon Letters.

Monument & Pylon Signs

A freestanding exterior big sign that stands directly on the ground or a low base foundation. Used to mark a place of significance or the entrance to a location.


Blade Signs

A slim cabinet with internal lighting, used to backlight translucent graphics or a animated digital signage display.


Directional & ADA Signs

A system of signage and graphics, which is designed to give direction to a given destination. Wayfinding / ADA Signs. (Americans with Disabilities Act)


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