Our letters provide an attractive method to advertise your business and assisting customers in identifying your location.

There are several lighting techniques that can be applied to channel letter signs such as face illuminated, silhouette illuminated or a combination of both. We have available many different types of lettering options that can help accomplish the look you want to match your brand.

Lettering is one of the most effective sign solutions to attract attention to your business. Outdoor lettering can be applied directly to your business facade or to your existing sign structures.  When designing the appearance of the lettering, keep in mind that lighting and illumination plays a key role in both aiding readability of the sign during nights and bad weather situations and to create a bold, modern 3-D appearance.  Spread out through the life of the sign, the addition of lighting would be minimal and highly cost-effective.

Front Lit
Channel Letters

We use LEDs to illuminate the face of the letters. This is done with a translucent acrylic face and lights that shine from within the letter itself. Front lit channel letters are the most common type of channel letter and they draw attention during the day or night.

Reverse Lit
Channel Letters

A fabricated dimensional letter with opaque face and sidewalls. A sign comprising individual letters that are independently mounted to a wall or other surface, with lights mounted behind the letters that face the wall behind. Lights illuminate the space around the channel letters rather than the channel letters themselves, creating a “reverse” lighting effect (e.g., halo effect). The “air space” between the letters is not part of the sign structure but rather of the building façade.

Double Lit Channel Letters

It is a combination of Front and Back Lit Channel letters. Constructed with an illuminated face (or cut out) and a “halo” effect in the background. Can be extremely attractive for promoting storefronts which are closed late night. These dual lit channel letters signs are usually placed on high buildings to reach a wider range of audience.

Open Face
Channel Letters

A channel letter that has no face and in which the neon tubing is visible. A channel letter with returns that project forward from face of letter such that the neon tubing is visible. A clear face for physical protection of internal components may be used.

3" Deep Acrylic
Illuminated Letters

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